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Blood, pathology, body fluids and other samples are received, registered and entered as per test into the hospital information system. Worksheets are made out for these designated tests then distributed with their respective samples to the section of concern.


The department is equipped with state of the art fully automated analyzers using the most current technology. Manual methodology for rare, backup and specialized determination using the best available quality-controlled kits. A special biochemistry area is responsible for glycosylated hemoglobin and various miscellaneous, specialized tests. Common tests usually analyzed include liver, renal, glucose, cardiac enzymes, cholesterol and PSA.


Fully automated 5-part and 3 part differential analyzers are used. A wide range of hemostasis studies, using fully automated analyzer is available for the diagnosis and follow -up of patients with bleeding and thrombotic disorders in addition to an automated blood banking system. The department also performs hemoglobin analysis for the diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies (Hgb-electrophoresis). Rheumatology (IF), etc., are done manually.

Transfusion Service:

We work with the southern area blood bank, Korle-bu to provide patients with red cells, platelets, plasma. Testing is performed on the patient’s sample prior to transfusion to make sure they are compatible with the available product.

Biomedical Scientist