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FOCOS Residency

Fellowship Programmes

FOCOS Spine Fellowship Programme: With over 200 cases per year, the Spine Service focuses on a wide range of treatments, including laminectomies, laminotomies, anterior cervical disectomies and fusions, as well as more technically challenging major reconstructive procedures requiring standard osteotomies, pedicle subtraction osteotomies, and posterior and anterior vertebral column resections. Fellows are exposed to the highest standard of patient care.

The hospital currently has the largest volume of complex paediatric deformities treated with prolonged tension based Halo gravity traction dual rod instrumentation, with limited fusion for treatment of progressively early onset scoliosis and complex definitive reconstructive techniques. FOCOS Orthopaedic Hospital is a recognized world and national leader in the treatment of spine deformity, as well as education, training, and research, and continues to advance techniques for the treatment of complex spine deformities.

The lead surgeon and surgical faculty are members of the Scoliosis Research Society, the North American Spine Society and the West Africa College of Surgeons and are nationally and internationally recognized for their work in clinical and research activities.

K2M-FOCOS Academic Visitors Program

The K2M-FOCOS Academic Visitors Program is designed for surgeons who have completed a Neurosurgery Residency or Orthopedic Spine Fellowship program and will go into practice in the next 1-2 years. The surgeon will spend 12 weeks at the FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital in Ghana.

The K2M-FOCOS Preceptorship Program is for currently practicing spine surgeons early in their careers, who would like to complement their existing adult or adolescent deformity practice. The surgeon will spend approximately two weeks at the FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital in Ghana. For more information please visit :http://www.k2m.com/about-us/k2mfocos/

Other Programmes

The 2016 AAOS International Surgical Skills Scholarship Programs

FOCOS and the AAOS International Scholarship Program have teamed up to sponsor one African surgeon a year, to receive training at leading institutions in the United States. This year too,the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has announced a wonderful education opportunity for orthopaedic surgeons from West African countries.

We encourage you to apply online at: http://www.aaos.org/education/international/ScholarmanagedProg.asp
For additional information about the International Surgical Skills Scholarship Program, including comments from previous scholarship recipients, please visit: www.aaos.org > Information for International Orthopaedists (right hand column) > AAOS International Surgical Skills Scholarship Program or click on the link below:www.aaos.org/internationalscholarship

Andrew Swanson Traveling Fellowship

The Andrew N. Swanson, MD, Spine Awards were developed in 2009 to honor the memory of Dr. Swanson, who demonstrated from his residency days through his brief professional career, a commitment to provide compassionate medical care and services to all he encountered. He participated in humanitarian work on a regular basis, after graduating from HSS traveled twice a year to give pro-bono surgical care to patients in Ghana, Africa. Nominations will be solicited from HSS Staff and Alumni recognizing an HSS alumnus/a who has excelled in spine education, research, practice or humanitarian efforts with one or more of the following attributes: leadership, academia, clinical innovation, humanitarian/societal involvement, and/or research.

Residency Program

At FOCOS we believe that a successful completion of residency training is a requirement to practice medicine in many jurisdictions. We are therefore dedicated to ensuring that our resident fellows get the appropriate exposure they need in their field of work.

The Hospital has since been accredited by the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons (GCPS) and the West Africa College of Surgeons (WACS) to train residents and in November 2015, the Hospital was additionally given a partial accreditation to train Residents in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine.

We accepted our first batch of residents in January 2015.

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