Academics Programmes

FOCOS Residency

Contact Information

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Academic Programme Listing

Academic Visitors

  • FOCOS Academic Visiting Observers:
  • FOCOS Academic Visiting Clinicians:
  • Stryker-FOCOS Academic Visitors Program
  • FOCOS Distinguished Educator

Graduate Medical Education Trainees

  • Residents of Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons & West Africa College of Surgeons
  • FOCOS Spine Fellows
  • FOCOS Anesthesia Fellows

Other Categories of Trainees

  • FOCOS Research Fellow with Limited Incidental Patient Contact
  • FOCOS Clinical Preceptorship
  • FOCOS Preceptorship

Medical Students

  • Medical Student Internship

All prospective foreign (Non-Ghanaian) visitors must inform the academic office of their arrival at least 2 months before their arrival to commence their course. This is to enable the academic office acquire a valid temporary working license for them if need be.

Please visit FOCOS Academic Listing for detailed information on the Academic Programmes.

Interested applicants should complete the FOCOS ACADEMIC APPLICATION FORM ON THE HOSPITAL’S Website.

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