Why choose FOCOS

Helping the world stand tall

The Hospital is committed to providing premium personalized medical care to anyone, regardless of their status. Our patients benefit from the presence of on-site imaging, diagnostic and laboratory testing capabilities. Ultimately, FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital intends to be an independent, orthopedics and rehabilitation hospital with a charitable mission, providing care to the underserved in society, at affordable or no charges.

Unparalleled success

FOCOS has been rated the No. 1 Orthopaedic Specialty hospital in Ghana since 2018 and aims to be the first Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital in the sub-region. Our success rate in terms of surgical procedures is over 3,000. The hospital has an exceptional medical track record and surgical outcomes (only 1-3% infection rate, comparable to global averages). According to recent WHO studies, hospital infection rates can typically range from 6-19% in low/medium income countries. In 2016, FOCOS Orthopedic hospital received an award for its excellence in African healthcare innovation for musculoskeletal disorders & spine deformity by the Institute for Governance Research Leadership and Technology in Nigeria. The hospital was adjudged the Best Medical Tourism Hospital in Ghana by the Civil Society Groups for Good Governance (CSGGG) in 2018.The hospital was rated the Best Orthopedic Hospital in Ghana in 2017 by the Glena Healthcare Consultancy.

FOCOS performs world-class surgeries to correct complex spine (deformities and degenerative), joint replacement and trauma conditions. The hospital also has vibrant Pediatric orthopedic, Rheumatology, Neuro-surgery, Neurology, Pain Management and Family Medicine units. FOCOS has a track record of innovation and success, particularly in Complex Spinal Deformity (e.g. Halo Traction procedure and Magec Rod).

See our patients’ testimonies section for what they have to say about their experience at FOCOS.

Patient safety is a key factor in the day to day care at FOCOS Hospital. All staff whether medical or supporting, are trained to ensure the utmost safety in their interaction with patients.


At FOCOS Pain management clinics are available for patients who seek alternate source of treatment. We have top anesthesiologists who have perfected the art and science of pain management at any level.

Our rehabilitation unit is well staffed with rehabilitation specialists and expert physical therapists who are passionate about their work. The unit is also well equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology comparable to that of facilities in other developed countries.